October 5, 2018

Fuck the World

Yep, it's come to this.

Not only have I not wrote a blog post in months, I'm just openly swearing in the title. I literally am just so angry at everything going on around me, that I, who rarely swears in real life, have to hold back a stream of curse words so vile that it would cause roses to wilt, storms to brew and your crops to wither. The decent side of me did try talking myself out of writing that title, but then I said, "fuck it".

You see, we live in some pretty damn shitty times. I hope sometime, when I'm old and gray, (about 2 years from now), I'll be able to look back and laugh at this post. Can you believe we lived through Trump? How we were able to convince a bunch of people who supposedly work for us, that they SHOULDN'T put someone accused of rape into the highest justice seat in the land?

Oh yeah he lied under oath too. Apparently that's a bonus when your country is run by shitheads. Yeah, I'm not being polite in this post. I ain't even gonna apologize.

Okay, I will. I really don't like to swear but when we're talking about politics and people are listening to a guy who says Nazis are good people, well..fuckity fuck fuck fuckeroo.

The only thing giving me hope, is that there are a lot more decent people than there are idiots in this world. I've seen the demonstrations, the calls, the pure fight. And to you on the front lines, I love you. You're giving me life. Sometimes I join, sometimes I can't. But sometimes it's just so damn exhausting. I mean, when you see women crying and sharing sexual assault stories, you just want to hug everyone of them, and give the senators who refuse to listen a good strong swift kick in the 'nads. Or for the female senators a punch in the boob, because that shit hurts.

So as you can see from the post, I am a bit peeved and again, all decorum has gone out the window. But it's just so damn depressing. I want to enjoy life, and have some fun, but I find myself glued to the computer watching hell itself unleash with every Twitter trend and frankly it's not healthy.

So I know this is a bit of a ramble (as well as a constant stream of obscenities) but there are a few things I wanted everyone to know:

I am here for women. I am here for men. I an here for sexual assault survivors of any gender. I am here for those have to put up with racism, homophobia, xenophobia or any other one baseless hatred-fueled phobias that don't involve spiders.

Look in the end, I think love can overcome hate, I think the dinosaurs are dying out, and I'm pretty damn proud of the kids out there today who have more gumption than I did at that age.So I guess even though everything is a shit storm, the only way to get through it is to realize we're all in this together. And if you don't feel like fighting for a day, that's cool. If you need to turn off social media for awhile, that's okay too. If you're tired and you want to just eat cookies and play Castlevania, that's awesome. Because there will always be soldiers willing to take your place for awhile while you recover.

Love to y'all. We got this. 💗

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